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About Skin and Body Lounge

Why Skin and Body Lounge?


Hello! I'm Kelly. My education and background are in Skin Care. I have spent many years working at high end Spa's as an Esthetician, performing both Skin Care treatments (Facials, Peels, etc.) and Waxing services (Full Body - anything from Brow to Brazilian). For many years now, I have owned my own Skin Care business.

I am passionate about healthy skin. However, healthy skin is oftentimes a result of a healthy lifestyle. When you come in for a treatment or consult, we will discuss both. My primary focus is to ensure we get results. With over 20 years of experience in this field, I use my experience in Skin Care along with my experience in Essential Oils to provide a holistic approach to your skin care and overall health needs.

Why Environ?


Discover Environ® Skin Care, the ultimate solution for your skin care challenges. In a world filled with pollutants, chemicals, and a depleting ozone layer, our skin faces increasing threats like photo-damage, pigmentation, and acne. Environ® offers a results-driven regimen, adored by Hollywood stars, royalty, and fashion icons. This cosmeceutical line blends cutting-edge technology with high-grade vitamins A, C, E, antioxidants, and peptides. Aimed at restoring, protecting, and maintaining youthful, healthy skin, Environ® is your answer to reversing damage and achieving your skin care aspirations. Trust in the gold standard of scientific skin care for remarkable results.

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